We have outlined a few key features from the CreateACapper website system below, check them out. If you want a more detailed look at how the website system functions, check out the two live demos to the right.
What does it look like?  How does it work?

Check out the two live demos below!
Front-End Website Admin Control Panel
Member Registration / Client Management
You have the ability to manage your clients quickly and easily through your website's control panel. When members register on your website, their account information is stored within your websites database. You can access this information by looking for a specific client by their email address or pulling up an entire list of all your clients.

Members are automatically denied access to the Members Area page on your website until you manually give them access to view it. In order to give a member valid access, you can lookup their account and change the "Access Expiration Date" to a date in the future when you would like their access to expire. When that dates comes to pass, their access to the Members Area page would once again be denied until you give them valid access again.
Manage Website Pages / Content / Banner Ads
You have the ability to add or edit content on your website's pages as well as add new pages of your own. We provide you with a robust Dynamic Content Editor to add or edit content on your website as well as upload two photos per page.

The Dynamic Content Editor looks and feels like you are working in Microsoft Word. Adding or editing content on your website could not be easier and requires no technical experience or knowledge.

If you are looking to advertise on your website, you can easily upload and manage banner ads on your website using the banner ad management system.
Control Website Settings
You have full control of your website's settings. You can edit your website's name, slogan, meta tag keywords, email address, disclaimer, background colors, logos, and photos.
Get Real-Time Website Hit Counter & Visitor / Traffic Analytics
We provide you with real-time website analytics. You have access to your website's hit counter and visitor / traffic information so you can see exactly who is on your website and when. Website analytics are powered by StatCounter (www.statcounter.com).
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